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Parking Lot Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting

For repair and installation of outdoor lighting on your business, call AM Electric, Inc. today. We can provide you with an outdoor lighting system that will meet your needs or simply repair your existing lighting system. Call today and talk to us about converting your old outdated and expensive lighting to new LED lighting.

What is a “Parking Lot & Area Lighting” application?

Parking lot lighting is a term to describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on poles and located in parking lots, pathways and driveways. This type of exterior lighting is generally used to provide illumination to areas for vehicle and pedestrian use, with the most frequent attribute being that the light fixtures are mounted to poles. It is not uncommon to see multiple fixtures mounted on a single pole, and the specific mounting methods may vary significantly.

Below are a few image examples of outdoor lighting fixtures in parking and area lighting applications that you may recognize. This is by no means representative of all the types of outdoor pole lights that exist, it is just a quick visual sample.

parking lot light repair
parking lot light repair
parking lot light repair
parking lot light repair